Ryutaro Ikeda sets up his easel within the landscape. He works plein air in the tradition of the Impressionists … "It is essential for me to place my body directly in the space that I am painting in order to feel the 'existence of air' in that place."


Ryutaro first lived in England for a year in 2009, before returning to Japan, where his reputation as a landscape painter is significant. In 2014 he returned to the Cotswolds permanently, and this is his first solo exhibition since his arrival. It includes a number of significant paintings of landscape - as always characterised by the intensity of colour and a focus on light, form and space.


Ryutaro's paintings are held in numerous public collections in Japan. He has had five solo exhibitions and been in more than thirty group shows including the Museum of Modern Art in Saitama and the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum.


Louise Plant moves between the use of marble, bronze, steel, copper and aluminium in her sculptural practice. She is always driven to explore the relationships between inner and outer worlds; between unseen spaces and the visible world. Relentlessly examining the nature of both her material and the idea of form - Louise pushes marble, steel, wood or aluminium to extremes, in an effort to get inside the very nature of the thing itself.


Louise Plant is a member on the Council of the Royal Society of British Sculptors, is a member of its Exhibition Committee and is on the Selection Panel for Bronze and Marble Awards.  She has received numerous prestigious commissions from public and private corporations including the Ministry of Defence, The Royal National Institute of Blind People and Cunard Shipping Company. Her work has been exhibited throughout the UK and in Italy. She was recently awarded Sweden's largest scholarship for artists - to work with granite over the 2014 summer.