Waterline, the title of this exhibition, refers to the separate worlds that exist above and below the waterline of the ocean. The works are divided into those that reference the world above - where we breathe, think and seek to be the master of our ship through life and those that stem from the great, unknown, murky depths below; a place akin to our subconscious.


"Writers such as Hemingway, Borges, Dickenson and Philip Hoare influenced me in this work," states Barbie Kjar, "their stories of the sea, of journeys of exploration and discovery, appeal to my own seafaring heritage."


Barbie Kjar often draws inspiration from her ancestors for her work and her musings on the life of a Danish Sea Captain on her father's side and her Cornish mother's links to the seafaring Spanish are apparent in these etchings and drawings.


Barbie Kjar is a successful Australian artist who lives and works south of Hobart, Tasmania.  She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Tasmania and her Masters of Fine Art at RMIT, Melbourne and was for many years a lecturer in drawing and printmaking at the University of Tasmania, plus guest lecturer at various other universities and workshops throughout Australia.


Barbie has undertaken residencies in Barcelona, Havana, San Francisco, Mexico City, Tokyo, Rome and Skopelos, Greece. Since 1986 she has held more than 38 solo exhibitions in Australia and more recently in Barcelona and Tokyo. She has had works in numerous group exhibitions in Australia, China, Korea, Siberia, France, Canada, USA, Britain and Japan. Waterline is her first solo exhibition in the United Kingdom.