Michael Schlitz

Michael Schlitz has a Masters degree in Printmaking from the University of Tasmania and studied traditional Japanese Hanga printing in Awagi Shima, Japan through 2001. He is gaining a growing international reputation for the technical ability and original vision of his exquisite woodcut prints, which combine Eastern and Western techniques to construct the large-sheet images that he cuts and prints by hand.


Michael's imagery is largely drawn from his own interaction with the landscape where he lives and works, on the edge of the wilderness in an area of Tasmania that is also the site of much forestry and industrial activity. He describes his work as evolving from early Nineteenth Century depictions of the 'new' environment he lives in; images created by the first Europeans (largely English) who settled in the Tasmanian colony and about their contact with the Indigenous Aboriginal population and the Australian environment.  This perhaps is why his work has a mythological, iconic, edge to it … his depictions of figures are almost symbols and an alphabet of 'types' that speaks of cultures who write stories in pictures as much as through words.


Michael Schlitz's woodcut prints are held in the collection of the National Gallery of Australia, in most State galleries in Australia, in numerous university collections and in public and private collections in China, Canada, England and Japan.