Louise Plant

Louise Plant moves between the use of marble, bronze, steel, copper and aluminium in her sculptural practice, but is always driven by her exploration of the relationships between inner and outer worlds; between unseen spaces and the visible world. She relentlessly examines the nature of both her materials and form - pushing things to their extremes, deconstructing and splitting in an effort, seemingly, to get inside the very nature of the thing itself.


Louise Plant was born in Yorkshire and taught dance and physical education before leaving to study sculpture and pursue a career as a professional artist in 1998.  She received the Year of the Artist Award from the Arts Council of England in 2000 and was elected an Associate Member of the Royal Society of British Sculptors in 2003 (she now serves on the Council and Exhibition Committee).  In 2007 she won the Brian Mercer Scholarship, which enabled her to study at Fondazione Sem, the internationally renowned marble carving workshop in Pietrasanta, Italy.


Her large public sculptures are permanently sited in the United Kingdom in Bristol, Doncaster, Loughborough, Poole and Watford, along with Pune in India and on the international cruise ship, Arcadia. Commissions have included the Ministry of Defence, The Royal National Institute for the Blind, Persimmon Homes, George Farrar Quarries and Elstone Hayes Associates.