Ange Mullen-Bryan

Ange Mullen-Bryan's paintings draw inspiration from the landscape of Sweden and its clean lakes and deep forests. It is a practical lifestyle, lived authentically. A respect for the natural rhythm of the seasons and their potential to affect us is heightened by an intense Nordic light, which draws long shadows and clarifies colours.


I have been visiting Sweden for 14 years and aspire to the apparent utopia of the Swedish way of life. The stark contrasts of Scandinavia intrigue me most; the long dark winters and opposite short but bright summers; the psychology of existing in a heady utopian idyll in summer contrasts starkly with the darkness of harsh winters.


Mullen-Bryan's landscapes juxtapose the softness and purity of heavy snow against the skeletal limbs of trees, simultaneously beguiling yet unsettling. Warm colours and passages of raw linen invite the viewer to smell freedom and pine in the air, an experience which inspires us to look again at the drama of the surrounding landscape.