Richard Fox

Richard Fox is a sculptor whose persistent search for the perfect form, the perfect sense of balance and harmony and the perfect resolution to a three-dimensional, unspoken question, leads to work that is beautiful, elegantly simple, surprising and engaging.


Most of Richard's sculptures are made to revolve, be rotated on their spindles and move through space to offer new perspectives with every shift. By default, this makes them designed to be handled and touched; and once you are feeling the work with your hands as well as your eyes, the sensation is addictive and the emotional impact of the work becomes tangible.


Using sycamore and bronze, Richard Fox makes sculptural forms that are thoughts manifest. They are fleeting, eternal, re-emergent and poems of time and space.


Richard Fox has been exhibiting his work in London since 2008 and has works in The Royal Palace of Dubai and private collections throughout the UK and Europe.